Obstacle or Threshold



Performance with audience, installation Work is realized for the exhibition Obstacle or Threshold at Salon of MoCA. For the needs of a participatory performance act, an object/installation was created. The white rectangular mass made of styrofoam and polished on the outside extends two and a half meters from the entrance into the gallery space and is about two meters high. The block was placed as an obstacle at the entrance with the intention to allow access to the exhibition only after passing through the format of the artist’s body whose contours shape a central passage through this monolithic unit. The artist opened the exhibition by passing through this passage in the shape of her body, as a kind of a positive emerging from a negative, leading us to consider the world of Sanja Latinović further. The transition through the passage as a metaphor for the threshold (when accessing the exhibition) is a hint of the presence of the body and its absence, as a kind of memory state built by the contrast between the bodily manifestation and the spiritual, unconscious one.

(excerpt from the text)

Una Popović