Sanja Latinović

Born 21/01/1983 in Belgrade, Serbia

2016   Finished Master Studies for Performance Art at HKB, Berne, Switzerland
2009   Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture
2009 – 2014  Member of Independent Artistic Association Third Belgrade

Although a sculptor by vocation, Sanja focuses her work mainly on performance, video work and photography, choosing those carefully as the fields of her artistic expression in order to question the very medium of sculpture by exploring its transformative potential in the relations matter-space-form-idea. Sanja’s thematic preoccupations are mainly about problematizing the complex functioning of an individual in today’s world, our everyday confrontations with numerous and various forms of social determinations, imperatives, pressures. Dealing more with the emotionally psychological dimension of those relations, the artist proposes and articulates her own views through unpretentious, simplified visual solutions/performances forming them into a kind of metaphores about syndromes, states and processes that characterise the complex global image of the society.

In the period from 2009 to 2014 she was a member of the Third Belgrade association with which she participated in many joint actions: The Warm Place, Breakfast on the Grass, The Big Dream, We Like the Art of Others, etc.

More about Third Belgrade here:

2019. Sanja Latinovic initiates the formation of Group 04, which is a generation of graduated sculptors from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (2004), her classmates. Their field of interest is based on the position of the artist in the society.

Individual Exhibitions:

2021 Performance Until Death Do Us Part – NGVU (New Visual Arts Gallery), Belgrade, Serbia

2021 Solo exhibition – National Museum Kraljevo, Serbia

2020  Solo exhibition – Goethe Institut, Belgrade, Serbia

2020 Performance The Use of the Knife – NGVU (New Visual Arts Gallery), Belgrade, Serbia

2020 Happening Specijalna prilika –  Gallery Vitamin X, Belgrade, Serbia

2018 That was it – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo

2017 Presek – Cultural Centre Ribnica, Kraljevo

2013  Movements: White  – Modern Gallery, Lazarevac

2012 Exhibition –  Movements: White  – Gallery ’73, Belgrade

2010 Exhibition –  Pa možda i nismo dvije  – University Library Svetozar Markovic, Belgrade

2009 Performance  Deflection  – Naxos Bobine” Gallery, Paris

Group Exhibitions:

2021 Our Other Us, Commissioned by Gallery Catinca Tabacaru for Video+Radio+Live, collateral event of the Art Encounters Biennale – Casa Artelor, Timisoara, Romania

2021 Group exhibiton Ko nece da misli leti napolje!  Joseph Bois and Mangelos – A thousand years and Art today  U10 Art Space, Belgrade

2021 Group exhibition  Umetnost anti-rata – Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

2021 FEMALE PRISON – HOTEL FREEDOM, ARTikulacije II – National Museum, Pančevo, Serbia

2020 The Far Away Is Here – Gallery Catinca Tabacaru, New York

2019 Flux Identity, Contemporary art scene of Canada in a dialogue with artists from Serbia – Galerija likovne umetnosti poklon zbirka Rajka Mamuzica, Novi Sad, Serbia

2019 Danube Dialogues’ Festival –  Conteporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad , Serbia

2019 Autostrada Biennale (International Conteporary Art Biennale) Bus station, Prizren, Kosovo. Curator – Mr. Giacinto Di Pietranio

2018 Republique Geniale Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland

2018 Photography as part of an artistic concept – Gallery Magacin, Belgrade

2017 Nove tehnologije tehnologije mišljenja – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo

2017 Illuminate, Art Festival – Zug, Switzerland

2017 The Silk Road and World’s Civilizations, BIAM 2017 – The 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2016  Umetnički performansi i akcije  – Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

2016 Group exhibition –  Affair  – Centre PasquArt, Biel, Switzerland

2015  Within one’s grasp  – Angels Barcelona Espai 2

2015  Telo kao režim  – Student Cultural Center, Beograde, Serbia

2015 Sculpfest, International Contemporary Art Event – Organized by Autostrada Biennale, Prizren, Kosovo

2014 Informal Mind, International Festival – Metallurgy Elbasan, Albania

2014  Linija Nova  – Dom omladine, Belgrade

2014 ACT Sierre, Performance Festival

2012 Performance  One Is Not Enough  – Brûler Pour Briller Festival, Luxembourg

2012  Identitet  –  FemiNiš, Niš

2012  Joint exhibition of artists from Japan and Serbia – Saga University University of ARTS Gallery, Kyoto

2012  I like the art of others  – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Smederevo

2011  Treći Beograd  – Showroom of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

2011  Warm place  – opening of Third Belgrade, Belgrade

2010 International exhibition –  The sea through which we all sail  – Gallery Progres, Belgrade

2010  Perspektive  – Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

2010  Žensko pismo  – Gallery Remont, Belgrade

2009 (Out) BOX Art in Public Space, Graz

2009  Crossroads  – Youth Art Festival, Valjevo

2009 Exhibition on Festival  Fragments of experiences  – Theatre de la Cite International, Paris

2008 Exhibition on the festival  TNT Terrassa  – Barcelona, Spain

2008 Participant in  Sweet and Tender  collaborations – Porto, Portugal

2008 Exhibition of a project  Terratorija, BELEF Festival


2019 Master Class of Marina Abramovic

2019 Performer in work Vinyl by Alexandra Meyer, project Staying here with you – moving, Bioskop Balkan – Belgrade, Serbia

2019 Workshop Invisible with Yan Duyvendak, Belgrade, Serbia

2012  Project with Klara Schilliger and Valerian Maly  Monument Gingersociety, Belgrade

2008 Performer in Meg Stuart piece Re run, Porto, Portugal

2008 Performer in work Blink by David Wampach, Paris

2008 Performer in Stones and dreams by Odille Duboc, BELEF Festival

Rewards and other activities:

2020 One of the chosen selectors for 19. Biennial of Art in Pancevo, Serbia

2019 Residency in Ečka – Serbia

2019  Publication at book Art Action 1998-2018, Quebec

2018 Residency in Jalovik – Serbia

2018 SKC FilmForum, Belgrade – Serbia

2017 Residency in Goč – Srbija

2016 Residency in Geneva, collaboration with Simona Ferrar, Projet H107_

2013 Residency in Geneva, Embassy of Foreign Artists Maison Baron – Switzerland

2010 First award – Perspective young artist – MMC LED ART/ART Klinika, Novi Sad

2008 Awarded as a student for work Tea house, exhibited in Greece

2006 Residency in Tršic– Serbia

Public Collections:

2020 Gallery NGVU, Serbia

2020 Private collection

2018 National Museum Kraljevo, Serbia

2016 Imago Mundi, Italy