That Was It


THAT WAS IT was a project framed as audio-visual portraits of seven artists, all of whom studied together and graduated in 2014 from the Sculpture department of the University of Belgrade.

This video work was personal research with the aim to provide a better understanding and a clearer picture of the reality which an emerging artist encounters after they complete their aca-demic studies. But if you take a closer look it’s also a short documentary about the general status of artists in Serbia in 2018.

Seven artists share their opinions, doubts and experiences about having two professions and how it is possible to maintain an artistic career “here and now”. They are talking from the same back-ground, but from different individual perspectives. A merchant, a baby-sitter, a pharmacist, a ten-nis coach and more are telling us about the political and creative climate they found themselves in, their existential issues on the top of their essential needs, the influence of the artist (and art) on their surroundings and on society in general, questions of freedom, the urge to be engaged and feelings of being redundant…and in the end how they would do it all over again just for their own satisfaction.

Writen by: Jelena Wilson