Can you feel the change?

Can you feel the change?, 2019

Installation – Performance – Installation, Glass and metal

180x181x180 cm

Can you feel the change? Is a work divided into three parts: Installation– Performance – Installation. The first moment is characterized by the structure of the work itself, a glass cube composed of several layers. Following this is a performance where the artist demolishes one side of the installation with stones. And in the final act, the artist stands before the work now indelibly marked by his intervention.

The installation fits in nicely within the Biennale as an expression of the individual’s relationship with contemporary society. This is realised thanks to the attributes of the material: glass. A material with features such as fragility, stiffness and transparency, all human attributes and emotions. Can you feel the change?  is a figurative title that automatically poses a question without an apparent answer. Sanja Latinovićcombines her artistic research with today’s society: victims of the disintegration of the socio-political system – exactly like the structure of the work that is destroyed during the performance.

Maria Aria Stadirani